About GobekliTec


Why GobekliTec?

GobekliTec is the most advanced system for education where educators, students and parents all come together to receive and share information. We bring back the interaction between home and school. Information is made available with ease and enhances education through technology.   

Where our name originated from?


The name originated from a site discovered in the 60s. The neolithic archaeological ruins were first uncovered in the '60s, but their significance wasn’t truly realized until 1994. The site is located in southeastern Turkey - although it predates the establishment of the country by a significant amount of time. In fact, Göbekli Tepe is so old and complex that it is rewriting our understanding of not just Turkish history, but the entire history of humanity. 

Based on everything we know about how modern civilization got its start, Göbekli Tepe should not exist. However, exist it does, and has for nearly 12,000 years. The site has become a tourist attraction and a source of local pride, and there are plenty of good reasons for that. Göbekli Tepe is, after all, the oldest site of significance created by human beings, and that makes it one of the most important archaeological discoveries ever made. 

Göbekli Tepe is notable for multiple reasons, but they all tie back in to its excessive ancientness. The construction at Göbekli Tepe dates back almost 12,000 years, placing it in a time period that is generally considered to be pre-civilization. It was built right around the same time that the last ice age ended. Göbekli Tepe then went on to be an active civilization for nearly three millennia before being abandoned under mysterious circumstances around 9,000 years ago. 

The fact that Göbekli Tepe is so old isn’t the only significant thing about it. The skilled architectural style seen in the construction of its many “temples” is seriously impressive, and would be in any era. The craftsmanship seen at Göbekli Tepe is thousands of years ahead of its time, and dates back to long before such construction should have been possible. 

The manpower, engineering, and project managing required for such an endeavor all seem unfeasible, given where human civilization was understood to be at the time. The very existence of Göbekli Tepe has forced archaeologists to re-think the dawn of civilization. The further study of Göbekli Tepe may teach us quite a bit about the origins of all human belief systems. Humanity was only able to leave behind a life of hunting and gathering for food when the last major ice age ended. Before that, food was too scarce to allow humans to live anything but a semi-nomadic lifestyle. That’s what makes the fact that Göbekli Tepe was constructed at the time of, or before, the end of the last ice age so remarkable. Mankind was almost certainly still hunting and gathering at that time, which means that a bunch of hunter-gatherers were somehow organized and stable enough to build the massive structures at Göbekli Tepe. 

One of the most infamous programs on the History Channel is Ancient Aliens - a show that posits about different pieces of “evidence” that prove aliens interfered in humanity’s past. For obvious reasons, Göbekli Tepe is a favorite topic for the Ancient Aliens crew to discuss. Since the construction at Göbekli Tepe is so far ahead of its time, some would have you believe that the only possible answer to the mystery is that extraterrestrial beings had a hand in building it.

Of course, the people on Ancient Aliens feel the same way about every significant advancement in human history.

This might mean that the construction of this site actually laid the foundation for a complex society to form. Gobekli Tepe shows that sociocultural changes were developed before agriculture. In fact, Gobelki Tepe pre-dates writing by 6,000 years. This makes understanding the symbolism of the site difficult but also adds to the importance of the discovery because the amount of organization required for the construction shows that hunter-gatherers may have been more sophisticated than previously known.

The team

Jorge Ventura (CEO) Creator, Director, and founder of GobekliTec. He created this solution with the support of his wife back in 2015. Being involved in the technology industry he perfected the system and launched it to the public in 2018. He was not happy to launch a product that was not worthy of its name. Jorge took the time to ensure the most unique and simplistic system that will cater for any educational environment in the world. It is used by schools and corporate business as a facility for content and development of skills. For over a decade Jorge has experience in IT, IT management, Branch management. He also has an interest in anything that is Technology-based, educational and anything else that will help uplift the society around him. 

Michelle Ventura (GM) Has been part of the GobekliTec Family from day one. With her contribution to GobekliTec, the system evolved to its current stage. Michelle has over a decade of experience in the banking industry and has fulfilled a management role to date. Michelle's duties are to manage business-related queries and ensure that the GobekliTec family is fulfilling their duties within their roles.