Anti Bullying


Why anti bullying?

 South African pupils are “the most bullied kids in the world”, according to the country’s education minister.

Bullying Behaviours


School safety, including bullying, was measured to help assess school environments.

Pupils were asked how often they experienced certain bullying behaviours on a scale ranging from “never” to “at least once a week”. A bullying scale was then created using the pupils’ responses to how often they encountered the following bullying behaviours:


  • Made fun of me or called me names
  • Left me out of their games or activities
  • Spread lies about me
  • Stole something from me
  • Hit or hurt me
  • Made me do things I didn’t want to do
  • Shared embarrassing information about me
  • Posted embarrassing information about me online
  • Threatened me

Michelle Ventura

How can we help resolve this situation? 

We are devoted to help resolve bullying in our schools. With GobekliTec users  can now report these kind of  situations. By creating awareness of bullying we can provide assistance to victims and ensure that we bring down the stats in schools we are actively involved in.

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