Kidpreneur programme


Opening doors for a better future

 Gobeklitec is dedicated to empowering young minds. We have proudly designed the Kidpreneur programme with this concept at the heart of it.

Who is this program for?

This is an extra Curriculum programme that has been designed for students from grades 1 to 12.

Why is this program so important?


With the tough economic crises worldwide, having the ability to start a business is a key skill for any individual. This program will open new avenues to our youth in the instance of not being able to find work when entering the workforce. The program gives students the fundamental knowledge and skills to be an entrepreneur.

What will this extra curriculum program offer?


· Access and support from a teacher that will run the program at the school once a week.

· Kidpreneur manual, this is a manual book/program for the student to follow and will be the guide on how to start a business and how to take a product to market.

· Teaching the student how to do the relevant research. 

· Access to experienced entrepreneurs and business, so that students can gain more knowledge and experience about the world of entrepreneurship. 

· Take their “startup business” into a functioning business. 

· Creating workshops were students sell their products.

· Donating their profits to a charity chosen at the beginning of the program.

· Give the students a certificate of accomplishment. 

· Job Shadowing and tours relevant to the student’s entrepreneurial interests.

What is the cost?

The cost for a student to join this program is R250 per month